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Encore can minimize the uncertainty and risk associated with offshore outsourcing by effectively integrating our project management methodology (called PMTech) with our offshore alliance partners. We can guarantee a proven performance in our delivery of offshore services.

Our facilities in India interface with our US headquarters to produce a cost-effective, high-quality solution for application software development and production support projects. 

With over 100 developers and architects, our offshore partners offer skilled teams in a range of disciplines that interact with our local developers and managers. Consistent execution of Encore's project management methodology (PMTech) has ensured successful project delivery to our clients. To further mitigate your risk, our services can be made available on a fixed-price basis.

Leveraging the expertise of our offshore partners enables our clients to attain speed to market, top-quality work, flexible capacity resource deployment, 24x7 availability, and significant financial savings. These advantages allow our clients to focus their IT efforts on new leading edge applications that are typically done 'at home'.

All Encore outsourcing projects are supported by project management and quality assurance practices incorporated in the PMTech methodology. The Six Principles of PMTech are:
  1. Obtain Agreement on Project Characteristics
  2. Develop & Present a Statement of Work
  3. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure
  4. Estimate Tasks and Assign Resources
  5. Agree upon Acceptance Criteria
  6. Set up Change Management and Status Reporting

We call it ValueBridge to help clients deliver tasks by buildng an economic ‘bridge’ to Encore’s offshore and near-shore facilities and delvering task usually under fixed-price terms.

We can contain the risk and cost. Our clients benefit from the value proposition and our proven performance

Encore is prepared to present a team of software developers on-demand to support your team from our offshore in Hyderabad, India and near-shore facilities in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Note that both of these development-center facilities are owned and operated by Encore. Also, the staff in both facilities are employees of Encore. Accordingly, we believe our proposal provides a low-risk, cost-effective solution. We look forward to discussing our offerings in detail with you.

The staff ramp-up time is as follows for each facility:

  • Offshore -- Hyderbad, India. Currently, we maintain a staff of .Net (15), Java (15), Oracle (7), and Open Source (5) developers complemented by as staff of QA (10) specialist qualified in manual testing and automated testing in Selenium and HP Quality Center software. It is our experience that we could double the size of this team in a one-month time period if required.
  • Near-Shore -- Arlington Heights, Illinois. Currently, we maintain a staff of 20+ .Net, Java, Oracle, and Open Source developers complemented by several QA specialists. The team in Arlington Heights can be readily increased depending upon business requirements. This near-shore team works with our offshore team under the Principles of our Project Management Techniques called PMTech.

Our Experience
Encore has experience developing and supporting application software in many environments. We have been providing resources and services to many major Chicago-based corporations since Encore was founded in 2000. A cornerstone to Encore’s track record of its performance is the application of its project management methodology called PMTech. The Principles of PMTech will be applied to this project to guarantee results as contracted.

Our Team
In addition to our team of technical resources, Encore’s management team will be actively involved in this project.

Our Approach
We approach projects to satisfy two major objectives. First, we are assembling a team to provide software development support of assigned applications in an efficient and cost-effective manner from detailed specifications. Second, as an added benefit from our work, we are planning to fully document, analyze, and potentially streamline the processes for managing the workflow.

Maximizing Value:
In addition to our primary goal to deliver the assigned scope of effort, Encore will continually look to improve the delivery process to improve quality and efficiency as well as attempt to reduce costs. We will incorporate process improvement initiatives into our normal operating routine and will report on our efforts at the monthly management review meeting. Some of the initiatives we envision are listed below:

  • Definition, capture, and communication of a set of metrics designed to give the client and Encore an accurate picture of current status and trends which will facilitate effective decision-making.
  • Evaluation of operating processes against Encore’s standard methodologies (PMTech - Project Management, EQuATE - Testing and QA processes).
  • Evaluation of planned versus actual applied time on individual work items as a continual refinement of the estimating process.
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