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Business Agility

Business agility is the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the business environment. Business agility can be maintained by maintaining and adapting goods and services to meet customer demands, adjusting to the changes in a business environment and taking advantage of human resources.

Agility is a concept that incorporates the ideas of flexibility, balance, adaptability, and coordination under one umbrella. In a business context, agility typically refers to the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways. The agile enterprise is an extension of this concept, referring to an organization that utilizes key principles of complex adaptive systems and complexity science to achieve success.

There is no law saying business applications must take 12 months and a million dollars to build. We believe you can deliver working systems in 30 days. A big claim, to be sure! How do we do it? It does not hurt to have great system developers and mentors on your side - and we are well known for that! The 30-Day Blitz adds a process framework to this talent - a process that removes barriers that exist in normal projects to allow fast delivery of system solutions.

The 30-Day Blitz is about innovation. And innovation requires Agility - That is - the ability to change direction as more information becomes available. Innovation does not accur in a process that is planned out twelve months in advance. Rather than pretend we are smart enough to plan that far ahead, we design and build your systems in 30-day increments, evaluate what's needed next, and then do the next iteration. We make sure that each increment delivers working solutions (what we call "Robust 80% Solutions") and this allows you to stop at any point along the way

We can deliver a 30-Day Blitz on site, from one of our local offices, or on a completly outsources basis, using our Development Center. Once your first blitz is complete, you can work with us to plan the next blitz, plan a road map for several blitzes, or simply stop work and use the solution you developed in the first blitz. We can train your own businness and technical people to use the Blitz

A 30-Day Blitz is a well defined proccess that has strict deliverables that are delivered in a predictable manner.
While some companies give a summary progress report once a week, each day of the 30-Day Blitz produces higly visible progress that your stakeholders understand. This builds confidence and momentum in the project, Helping to ensire project success

The “30-Day Blitz” shows you how to use IT in these challenging times to deliver what all companies need – BUSINESS AGILITY. Michael Hugos at the Center for Systems Innovation [c4si] explains the blitz and other agile techniques in his latest book.

"This is the next evolution of business strategy. This book gives leaders a new model of business agility that balances the need for standardized business processes to drive efficiency with the ability to adapt to marketplace and customer expectations. Hugos makes the business case for adaptability and resiliency just at a time when it is needed most." — John Babiarz, Group President, ARAMARK Healthcare

"Given the global economic crisis, now more than ever, agility is at the top of every company's most wanted list. This book carefully lays out practical approaches to finding the right balance for your organization between efficiency and responsiveness." — John C. Moon, Corporate Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Johnson Outdoors, Inc

Michael H. Hugos at Center for Systems Innovation [c4si] is an agility mentor who won the CIO 100 Award and Premier 100 Award for his work in business and IT agility. He writes a blog for CIO.com called Doing Business in Real Time and is author of several books. Google searches on “IT agility” and “Business agility” bring up multiple articles of his on the first page such as: “IT Agility Makes Work Fun Again”; “The Value of IT Agility”; “Measure Your IT Agility”; and “A Formula to Measure Business Agility”.

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