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Replay: Hacking 101 - Web Application Security Testing Webinar

This webinar was sponsored by your local IBM team and Encore Consulting Services.

Few can argue that web applications present significant threat of attacks for organizations. For Software Developers and IT Security Professionals, web applications also are a challenge to secure. To stay ahead of hackers and protect sensitive data, security teams AND software developers need to understand how vulnerabilities in applications are first exposed and then exploited by cyber-criminals.

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This interactive training is designed to teach viewers first-hand the fundamentals of hacking - how to find web application vulnerabilities through a combination of manual and automated approaches, and what to do when a vulnerability has been identified.

This 60 minute workshop will cover:

  • The importance of web application security - today's most significant on-line threat
  • The most common web application attacks according to OWASP, including Cross-Site
  • Scripting & SQL Injection - how they occur, and what can be done to prevent them
  • How AppScan, an automated vulnerability scanner, can help you automate more of what you are doing manually today
  • Using AppScan to help you fix vulnerabilities once they have been identified

IBM Rational AppScan:

IBM® Rational® AppScan is a leading suite of automated web application security solutions that scan and test for common Web application vulnerabilities. Unlike other solutions that inundate users with vulnerability data, AppScan provides intelligent fix recommendations and advanced remediation capabilities, such as comprehensive task lists necessary to fix vulnerabilities uncovered during the scan and improve an organizations overall security posture. IT Security, development and QA will benefit from role-based reporting including more than 40 out-of-the-box security compliance reports, such as PCI Data Security Standard, ISO 17799 and ISO 27001, HIPAA, GLBA and Basel II.

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Do not let cyber-criminals cost you money or steal your information

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