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Case Study 1

Client: Major Utility Company in West Coast.

Industry: Energy

Objective: Reduce storage costs and leverage historical data analysis by migrating their historical data from mainframe server to cloud based mapR cluster.

Key Accomplishments at this project include:

  • Converting RECFM formatted data to ASCII format through custom built SAS utility. This data is then stored on Hadoop through Hive interface.
  • Building Hive data pipeline to work with existing SAS reports seamlessly.
  • Migrating existing machine learning/Data analytics R modules to Hadoop data set.


  • Build a Scalable High Performance Solution on time within budget.
  • Resulting in Savings of 40% of Total infrastructure costs.
  • Allowed easy access to data generating higher user satisfaction ratings.
  • Built Data analytics based on R this gave analyst capability to run latest algorithms

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