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Case Study 2

Client: Financial Analyst Firm in Chicago

Industry: Finance.

Objective: Build web platform for their portfolio management product with leveraging all big data advantages

Key accomplishments on this Project include:

  • Built database which is
    • caching friendly,
    • very fast on web response,
    • Also supported unstructured data and non static data model.
  • Included a search engine and state of art data analytics.
  • We built mongoDB based data cluster and supported search operations on elastic search.
  • Built auto synching module for search to avoid ETL requirement.
  • Streamlined entire ETL requirements on Talend and built data analytics processing using SPARK.
  • Built Hadoop data lake and interface between mongo DB and Hadoop.
  • We helped Business to successfully roll out product to customers
  • Also helped them to move this infrastructure to AWS in second phase.


  • Build a Scalable High Performance Solution. on time within budget.
  • Project was delivered on time and within budget.
  • Training and rollout strategy enabled smooth transition resulting in very high user satisfaction ratings.

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