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Critical Success Factors of IT: Is your IT Organization the best it can be? , an Encore Case Study.

How are you dealing with these challenges? Have management changes and business changes compromised the power of IT? .............

ITIL Evaluation, an Encore Case Study.

ITIL® Expert Certified individuals will apply Service Management Dynamix to answer these questions. They will map findings from your IT organization .............

Business Agilty, 30-Day Blitz - Encore Case Estudies
Business Agility

30-Day Blitz to create supply chain visibility system for Starbucks Coffee.
                The CIO of a national distributor says the lessons he gleaned from a 2500-year-old Taoist philosopher helped him come up with a low-cost inventory system
                that worked...........

30-Day Blitz for quality control at Microsoft Xbox Group.
                We IT folks get no respect from the business world. And I’m mad as heck and I’m not gonna take it anymore! No more snide remarks from finance; no more insults
                 from operations; no more blank stares and shoulder.............

30-Day Blitz for a national restaurant chain.
                OK, listen up, my Agility Corps friends. Here's the situation. Your company acquired a new operating unit and needs to provide systems for it to meet its business
                objectives. Headquarters sent out a bunch of analysts, but things got too complex. The fog closed in. It's past 90 days now, and all that's been produced are
                half-baked program code that crashes unexpectedly and loose-leaf binders full of incoherent specifications. Your company needs...........

NT 4.0 to Windows 2003 Upgrade, an Encore Case Study.

With the pressures of business challenges, Microsoft Windows software that is mission-critical to the day-to-day operations of a business often goes ‘out-of-date’ quickly.............

Information Technology Strategic Planning & Execution, Budget Setting Process - An Encore white paper

A large firm within the financial services / insurance sector was challenged by a need to deliver large transformational programs to support critical business initiatives while also focusing on reducing costs to stay competitive with industry leaders

Implement Universal Product Codes on iSeries applications - An Encore white paper

A leading distributor of housekeeping and maintenance supplies, industrial packaging, food service disposables, and related products converts to UPC codes on its enterprise-level application on the iSeries configuration.

SQL Performance Assessment - An Encore Case Study
Case Study - Visa Processing (ESPA)

Download the PDF (124KB)

The mission of this Encore SQL Performance Assessment (ESPA) was to examine the client's existing SQL Server environment and make recommendations for improving performance, security and implementing best practices.

Learn more about Encore's SQL Performance Assessment (ESPA) and other database services

A “Jump Start” for your Intranet Portal

Your company does not have an intranet that provides a way for employees to collaborate and share information. Solution: How the Encore SharePoint “Jump Start” works:

SharePoint - There's More than One Way to Get Files into SharePoint - An Encore White Paper

When most people think of uploading files to SharePoint, they think of navigating to the site, clicking upload, choosing their file and saving it. While it's true that you can upload files this way, there are other options that might be more effective that you should educate your users on.

Accelerate Your Organization’s Performance - An Encore White Paper

The ability to improve business performance is a critical requirement for organizations and the people who manage them.

Parts Distributor Accelerates Business Unit Integrations – An Encore Case Study

Integrating disparate business units can benefit an organization through gains in complementary product offerings, industry knowledge sharing, procurement purchase power, and operational productivity.

Retail Food Distributor Accelerates Software Selection Process - An Encore Case Study

The task of selecting software applications to support specific process and organizational companies that do not perform these searches with any regularity.              

Healthcare SharePoint Portal - An Encore Case Study

Healthcare provider needs a successful implementation a quality program which means storing hundreds of documents and communicating hundreds of process metrics.

Safety Testing Microsoft .NET- An Encore Case Study

The mission of this project was to create an application to provide section managers with metrics based on analysis of past performance and predicting future workflow and throughput

Deploying Web Services and AJAX - An Encore White Paper

Standard Windows programs are usually fast and efficient because they take advantage of your computer’s memory and disk space. Web-based applications, on the other hand, rely on the web browser and any distribution is limited to updating the server end of the client-server equation. This simplifies distribution, but can also have a negative impact, namely usability.

Business Innovation - Major Insurance Company - An Encore Case Study

Effort to develop, unleash and leverage the capabilities that demonstrate the inherent innovative prowess of the enterprise. The key objective of this initiative is the generation of meaningful business results and to increase shareholder value.

Sales B2B Portal - Manufacturer of Branded Specialty Foods - An Encore Case Study

The goal of this project was to improve the accuracy and timeliness of the distributor delivery schedule information by allowing distributors to directly maintain the information.

Sustainable Advantage - 'How a Coffee Cup Can Transform Your Business' - An Encore White Paper

It is a simple, inert object that is familiar to all of us. We use it, sometimes abuse it and likely give it little thought. But examining a coffee cup is very revealing. It teaches us to recognize how our perceptions, assumptions and habits constrain our thinking and creative abilities. The lessons of the coffee cup are analogues to business. Understanding and practicing them not only removes these barriers to innovation but become the impetus for transforming how we view our business, how we think about our opportunities and ultimately how we compete.

Simple Metrics for Your Supply Chain - An Encore Whitepaper

Those who have been watching the Supply Chain Management industry over the last few years may have noticed the acceleration in the level of sophistication in supply chain management metrics.

B2B Portal Development Using WebSphere Commerce Server - An Encore Case Study

The requirement that the client articulated was to develop a comprehensive enterprise-level B2B web application based upon technical infrastructure and desired web functionality. Such a web application would complement the corporate e-commerce strategy.

Rescuing Troubled Projects - An Encore White Paper

Projects don't fail on their own accord. Some sequence of events (or lack thereof) preceded its failure. All failed projects were once projects in trouble. What are the telltale signs of a troubled project? How do you identify the problems? What corrective action can be taken to get the project back on track?

Toward a New IT Strategy -"Automate the rote and repetitious work, free up people to do the creative stuff." - An Encore White Paper

For the last 30 years, strategies for using IT mostly consisted of making multi-million dollar investments in whole new collections of hardware and software. Massive new systems were installed using expensive software packages or built from scratch. Overall, the success rate and ROI of these endeavors has been modest to put it politely.

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